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Kindness is the key to approaching anyone, hence when it comes to the words ‘upsell’ and ‘cross-sell’ we imagine pushing people, trying to convince someone to purchase more than they intend.

Friendly communication

We will overview both upselling and cross-selling strategies, how they can help us to boost revenue in our business as while ignoring them we are missing a big opportunity to increase our revenue. However, before getting started we should define in short what is the difference between both, so we can completely understand their functionality.

Upselling: Persuade buying a product with a higher price than the customer has primarily selected.

Cross-Selling: Persuade getting an additional product to the primary order.

To accomplish any of those great opportunities, here are some tips that can help us. 


People must engage in the well-being of the company and look for opportunities where the idea is not only to sell products just because, but to give solutions to customers’ needs.

Probing Question / Active Listening

This is one of the most assertive strategies: customers may already know about what they need/want, however, based on the probing question we are going to land to cover what they really need. They will also appreciate it if we are sincere in explaining why they will benefit from such a product. If we achieve that, we are not only boosting our revenue but also ensuring long-term customer relationships. And if we would like to see the employees’ well-being, we can do that because if we ensure long-term customers, we are bringing more revenue to the company, and we have the possibility to enlarge our team and have people motivated.

Use Customer’s Words Timely

When costumes have already expressed all that they require, we can use their own words in a straightforward way, so they won’t feel the pushing feeling you are trying to sell. Some examples of this could be “As you mention you would need to have….. Based on that, we can offer you…” or “You are missing to have……. So, we can help you to get this………” Those are simple phrases but if customers listen once again, they need it, or they are required to have it, this will put the sense of getting the product or service.

Be Opportune

To be opportune when offering a cross-sell or upsell will be much appreciated by customers. Normally this practice is used at the end of the purchase agreements, so in the middle of the conversation, we should say the benefits of the product or service, so customers understand why they should be paying more or add more products/services to their order. Also, there is a possibility that some customers do not need to be driven to this type of offer, when this happens it is better to neither offer a cross-sell nor upselling.

Come Natural

Nothing resists the power of love! Try to sound natural in the whole conversation with customers because if they feel you change the mood just when you are trying to cross-sell or upsell, for sure this customer will be rejecting your offer.

Personalize the Conversation

Personalised conversation

Provide your name, phone number, email if possible, or any contact information. Also, try to use the customer’s name and refer by the name in the entire conversation. Use Mr/Mrs. and the last name or ask the customer how they prefer to be called. Do not ask for all customer information at first, just the basics that will allow flowing the conversation. This will create a nice and positive environment required to cross-sell or upsell.

Also, it is imperative to stay with a company that does not push customers just because, but really meets their needs and expectations. SoftSys Hosting has been working for many years using the customer-first approach: this means offering clients what they need and always more.

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