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Softsys Hosting Customer Review By Bob

Excellent Support With Under 15 minutes Response Time

Softsys Customer Review By Laura

Amazing round the clock support with 100% uptime!

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Softsys Hosting Customer Reviews

"I have been working with the Softsys Hosting support team on some issues I’ve been having with my website. The team has been outstanding to say the leaste! They are very efficient and fast and very knowledgable on the subjects at hand. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my web hosting needs! Thank you Softsys team!"


"I was having some problems with email. I submitted a support ticket and I received a very quick response. I was able to resolve my email issue very quickly due to the promptness of Softsys’s support staff, in particular, Nick Smith."

Christopher Reed

"I’ve been with Softsys for just a few days, and signed up with them to test out Sitefinity, and they have been nothing short of awesome with support. Submitted 2 tickets so far, and both resolved within minutes. Look forward to a long term relationship with them."


"Been using Softsys for 3 months now for a couple of live sites and a couple of development test sites. Great prices and, very very pleased with their support desk thus far. Every issue or question has been resolved quickly and professionally. Glad we gave them a try"

Doug C

"What clearly earns SoftSys 5 stars is there tech support. Their staff is incredibly quick to respond and very helpful. I’ve used SoftSysHosting for almost a year now and in particular in setting up two web sites, one of which was fairly tricky for me."


"Excellent service. Fast and effective turnaround of queries. I’ve used other hosting companies but they don’t even come close to this company with it’s outstanding support. Would definitely recommend. Keep up the good work"

Paul Sterling

"Absolutely Amazing! You just don’t get technical assistance like this anywhere else on this planet! It’s been years now and they just won’t stop giving me oustanding and beyond competent, not to mention lightning fast, SERVICE and TECHNICAL SUPPORT! Great job, Nick, Rick, Harry and whoever else is over there at softsyshosting!"

Director of Media Technologies, ASiM

"This is the best hosting provider I have found. The support is always quick and helpful. They actually help you troubleshoot issues instead of just redirecting you to their FAQ. I have never noticed any downtime. Control panel is simple to use and not clogged up with advertisements. I have switched all my sites to Softsys and would recommend it to everyone."

Mark R.

"I’ve been involved with computers for a very long time, having wrote my first program in 1963 for a computer that is now in the Smithsonian. I built my first website back in 1996 or so. I’ve dealt with lots of hosting services and I have never dealt with any group of people as competent, friendly, and responsive as the folks at Softsys hosting. Give them a try, you won’t regret it."

Laurence Stewart

"Very quick responses to questions, and very helpful."


"I am very pleased and thankful for such a quick response and resolution of my issue. I see it as an exceptional customer service."

Jignesh Patel

"The guys @ softsys are really very cooperative. I am really greateful to the guy who sugessted me softsys."

Sam Abraham

"I submitted a ticket for the first time with Softsys hosting this afternoon to make a permissions configuration change to the site that other web hosts often balk at or completely refuse. While writing the ticket, I was frustrated, expecting the ticket to go into a ‘black hole’. But, Softsys greatly exceeded my expectations — they responded back to me in a matter of minutes, and had the entire request completed within a half hour. And everything was completed correctly the very first time! I couldn’t ask for anything more. Thank you so much!"

Jay Larbes

"Awesome. Totally friendly, incredibly helpful. Recommended to me by a friend of mine and well worth the recommendation. SoftSys is fantastic!! Update as of Nov 14th or so: SoftSys is *amazing*. I think they have stepped me through a whole bunch of questions that would probably annoy the living *crap* out of people, but their service has been friendly, *super* efficient, and the configuration abilities I have at my disposal are phenomenal and pain-free. So, so glad they were recommended to me, one of the best recommendations I’ve ever had and the best recommendation I can possibly give others!"

Justice Gray

"I strongly recommend SoftSys for hosting space. I found them to be the best hosting company I have used yet. You can use Microsoft web platform installer which made Umbraco installations easier than ever. When I had an issue with the transaction log of my database, they fixed it and replied in 5 minutes flat, also setting my database up to prevent the issue reoccurring. Great value too, especially considering this is a Microsoft solution with .net 4 and a SQL Server database. The control panel is much easier to use than others I have come across in the past. Highly recommended!"

Emma Garland

"With the thousands of web hosting services out there you might think of them more or less as a commodity. That may be true for most, but we have found one that stands ahead of the crowd in just about every way. Every single time we work with the people at we have been amazed at just how good these guys are. Every time we submit a support ticket, they respond within a few hours with a detailed solution. They will often even go above and beyond and do the work for us. You can image how refreshing it is to submit a complex support ticket and then get an email from the president of the company less than an hour later saying they went ahead and took care of it for you an no charge and asking how else they can help. definitely recommends for all your hosting needs! Ryan Stutzman President FlashDrivePros LLC"

Ryan Stutzman
Vice President

"I just signed up with softsys on a windows hosting package. I shopped around looking for a decent host that supported the installation of the Umbraco CMS. The pricing was excellent, and the hosting environment offered me the latest versions of everything I needed. My account and hosting space was set up less than ten minutes after I submitted my order, and this was friday evening of a US holiday weekend. I had a couple of configuration questions when I installed the CMS (my first time installing it on a shared host) and the support team was incredibly quick, responsive, and really went the extra mile to help me out. I can’t say enough good things about my experience so far, I’ve paid considerably more for hosting in the past and got much slower/less helpful service."


"I’ve only had a few experiences with shared hosting sites. Each have had their attributes and problems. I’ve recently left a nightmare situation with a hosting provider. I wouldn’t normally name names, but it rhymes with webhost4wife. One word…Abysmal. They completely fubar-ed my entire collection of sites and databases when they “transitioned” me to their new platform. Good riddance. Enter SoftSysHosting…These guys have been great. I’ve only had 2 minor issues deploying my sites and databases, but each one has been handled in terms of minutes…not hours or days. I log an issue and literally 15 minutes later, I have a solution. Super responsive support, which is what it all comes down to for me. Highly recommended!"

J Cleve

"I have utilized numerous hosting providers and none have had the level of technical support that Softsys Hosting does. Their responsiveness and precision in providing solutions is outstanding and absolutely critical to small businesses such as mine. I would highly recommend them to any individual or business in need of an inexpensive, yet superior hosting solution."

David Holzman

"I have recently contacted the Softsys hosting support, i got an instant reply, which was really helpful. As soon as i send back, they respond, my problem was solved in less than 24 hours, and our website was up and running again. Special thanks to Shane Stanley with the Softsys Support Team for a job efficiently and well done. Thanks, Caroline Project Manager"

Caroline Kamel

"I had an issue with ftp’ing a file to my website, and Nick Smith (Tech Support Exec) provided me with excellent support. His understanding, troubleshooting, and suggestions around my issue helped me solve my problem. The turn around time was fantastic too! Great work! Couldn’t be anymore satisfied. Usually you hate it when you have to deal with support, but it was pleasant and prompt in this case."

Edson Reyes

"Awesome customer service. Response time is amazing."


"The support is really great. I was having issue with installation of umbraco. It is great experience with Support team. Very Quick and Sharp"

Muhammad Pervaiz

"Softsys Support Team has kept my just created site, running smoothly; Their attitute and quick response, has well over exceed my expectations."

Jose Roberto Moraga

"I work for a company building and maintaining an Enterprise Level content management system. To keep on top of my game I like to look at open source content management systems to see what the industry is doing. Softsys is not only affordable but their customer service is damn near instantaneous 24/7. My server is fast and reliable and these guys have answered my support needs at all hours, usually have a solution to my problem within 20 minutes of my emailing them. I’ve tried hosting with Godaddy, DiscountASP and a million others and no one has come close to reaching the sheer awesomeness of these guys. I definitely recommend them."

Glen Colby

"Honestly, i have tried every web hosting business out there, took me 4 years to find SoftSysHosting and i have never looked back. Honestly they have the best service in the world. Over the years i have sent hundreds of support tickets, and each ticket is answered in record time, if you overlook this company you are losing out! Unbelievable, thank you guys at SoftSysHosting, you have made my life so much easier!"

Michael Ward
Sydney, Australia

"SoftSys Hosting is fantastic. I came from GoDaddy and it feels like coming from a cave to a bright world. GoDaddy didn’t allow remote DB access, remote SMTP access, had medium level trust on any ASP framework above 1.1 and every time you contacted support, not only did they take their sweet time getting back to you, but it was usually by a different person every time who didn’t know what was going on. Plus, they always made you jump through hoops to get help, like pin numbers and such. And I’m pretty sure most of their staff is technilogically retarded; they rarely have any idea what I’m talking about and usually just say it can’t be done or it’s not their fault. You guys are quick, easy to use, nice portal, excellent transparency and all the right privileges. Suffice it to say, I’m glad I switched :-)."

Matt M

"Excellent, Best quality of service I’ve ever had. They were able to get my concerns and inquiries in less than 5 minutes, which made me wow. They’re support is fantastic! As well as there Hosting Providers, It’s fast, decent and high quality. I recommend this to EVERYONE."


"Quick to respond. Helpful. Every once and a while they’ll go above and beyond by offering application level help for my VPS personally managed account, even though I should pay them $40 for it."

Victor T.

"One of the best hosts I have ever hosted with. Extremely fast set-up speeds(15-30minutes after confirmation), quick support ticket replies and blazing fast download speed(5mbps!) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS. "


"I’m not the worlds greatest developer, but I do have a decent grasp of the concepts. However, I found myself navigating into some deep waters around the islands of website configuration. Before I started to panic, Nick, et al, at Softsys Hosting bailed me out with expert and timely advice, and followed through with some quick course corrections. Nautical allusions aside, these guys are pros of the first order – competent, diligent, and expedient."


"We’ve been with Softsys for over a year now and have been really impressed with them. On the few occasions that we’ve had to contact them with support questions we’ve received prompt and personal replies fixing our issues within the year at most. We’d recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable hosting package with excellent customer support."

James Ward

"I started using there service yesterday and I couldn’t have made a better choice. Organizing information on the sever is easy, my domain was registered within a hour and they have a great support team. I sent a email back in January, asking a technical question and they respond withing 24hours even though the question was on low-priority."

John Koehn

"Fantastic service, and price. Also an excellent selection of service options to choose from. Their tech support makes me laugh(in a good way). Within a minute or two you’ll have a solution to your problem. 5 stars"

Scott B

"Thank you guys for your quick and professional support by solving issues on my website. I’m looking forward to working with you in the future. Thank you again!"


"They are fast in solving problems, respond quickly and friendly. The quality of there service is excellent."

Goce Bogdanovski

"During the upgrade process I ran into a few problems (that I created) and contacted Softsys Support for help. Within minutes (15 at the most) each of my problems were resolved (from permissions to database issues). Being an online only store uptime is a must for me and Softsys is by far the fastest and most thorough (and this all happened at 1:00 in the morning)! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

Single Palm

"I was in the market for creating a development environment for Window. I spoke pre-sales and questions were answered in full. After ordering my 3 vps’ were set up instantly and within 10 minutes my vpn was ready to go. So far support for sales and tech-support have been awesome. I am looking forward to doing more business with SoftSys. Entirely a 180 from what I had from 2 previous hosts. Way to go Mark as he was a great help in tech support and should be commended for his help and professionalism. Would recommend this company without hesitation. "


"I just wanted to say I have been with softsyshosting for a couple of months now and that I am very thrilled of the way the Support team is helping me resolving issues that I have. I am very happy with the customer service and production of this company. You are always here 24/7 and I am grateful of the quick response you given me. \ Thankyou again."

Jason Grey (Central Tablelands Information Technology Services)
Very Happy With Softsys Hosting VPS Services

"I took the Softsys Hosting Service and I had some problems when instaling Web Application. 5 times I submit a ticket during the weekend and even on Sunday overnight. Everytime the issue was resolve in 1-2 hours. Since I install new customer everyweek I don’t have to worry that if I have a problem Softsys will support me. Now I have 4 services Softsys and I wouldn’t go back to an unmanaged service. Thank you to there team"

Bruce OBrien

"I would like to offer my sincere appreciation and thanks to her efforts on the company Softy hosting wonderful and good dealings with us and offer thanks to the technical support and sales and all employees of the company We expect more "


"Technical support provides incredibly fast response time-like within a few minutes! The service just works. And the only time I’ve had to contact support is related to configuration issues that I’ve needed help with- they’ve always understood the problem and helped me quickly. I hope they never change 🙂 True 5 start service!"


"Sunday morning and I had a web service application crisis. Softsys Hosting’s support team was able to get it sorted in a matter of minutes! A big thank you for the great support!"


"They are so quick, I just don’t know how they do it."


"Have been a customer for 18 months now, the service and response time are awesome! I recommend this hosting service to all of you! Keep up the great work"

Tom Van Bortel

"Softsys Hosting has been our hosting provider for over 3 years now and we have always received prompt, courteous, outrageously customer-oriented support! We have had very few issues (most caused by ourselves, as we are not the most internet-savvy/techie moms out there!), but on those rare occasions when we needed them, the support guys were there for us – no matter the time of day or night (as moms with full-time jobs other than our business online, most of our dealings are in the wee hours!)."

Paula Olson

"I can’t praise the support staff at Softsys Hosting enough, I use several different hosting companies for different sites and non compare to the service I receive from Softsys! I’ve got 5-6 hosting plans with Softsys and whenever I have problems (normally code related) or queries they’re always unbelievely quick in responding and are happy to go into further detail to explain things if necessary – something that is very rare for a support service! Keep up the good work"

Steve Timmis

"I have just setup my first website with SoftSys Hosting. As with any new hosting company you need to learn where / how to do things. The customer/technical service provided and response times to my queries has been absolutely brilliant. The installation of Umbraco CMS was a breeze. I will definitely be looking to use their services for sites in the future. Highly recommended."

Nigel Wilson

"I was developing a site in Umbraco and did my due diligence to determine the best hosting company. I read through forums, investigated hosting companies and settled on Softsys Hosting based on the reviews for their support. I have been very pleased by their high level of expertise and responsivness. I have not been disappointed."


"I have utilized numerous hosting providers and none have had the level of technical support that Softsys Hosting does. Their responsiveness and precision in providing solutions is outstanding and absolutely critical to small businesses such as mine. I would highly recommend them to any individual or business in need of an inexpensive, yet superior hosting solution."

David Holzman

"I would highly recommend Softsys Hosting. As compared to our previous host, Softsys Hosting has absolutely floored me both because of their very reasonable rates, excellent services and features, and their absolutely amazing support."

John L

"Today is day 1 for me doing work with my Softsys hosting account. Mark and Nick have been outstanding in their support! I am very impressed and appreciative 🙂"


"I’ve been always so happy with SoftSys support never disappointed me, always quick and knowledgeable."


"These guys set up my .net4 site within just a few minutes of me requesting it. Great service!"

Dee J Bee

"All appreciation for Softsyshosting All appreciation for support and great service host shared I found what I was looking for Thanks alot"

Abdo Rajab

"Server boxes are ‘cheap’ and easy to abundant, good service is rare. Softsys understood this and its my pleasure to be their customer. Thumbs up!"

Asi Farran

"One of the best guys in windows hosting today. Very fast, efficient and best off all reliable. I’m extremely pleased with them."

Vishal Trivedi

"Their response is very quick. I received my response within minutes after I have issued a ticket. The prices are reasonable."


"The service is prompt and excellent…The softsyshosting guys always have an appropriate solution to my needs!"

Anonymous Reviewer

"A fast and thorough response to a rare technical issue on my Softsys Virtual Server, excellent support from Mark Brown of Softsys."


"Hey people I so recommend this to all of you, as this turns out to be only few months of our hosting server provider. and Even though its low end server. never had any issues. Keep up the great work."

Anuj Pandey

"In my experience, all of my questions have been answered by friendly, helpful staff that actually cares about my business. They put the extra effort in, which is seldom seen in our industry. Softsys gets an A+ from me!"


"I had excellent support in setting up a subdomain that I needed to get to work from my virtual private server. Support was able to set this up for me, and I learned some new things along the way."

HR Manager

"I have been using hosting service of Softsys for more than a year. Probably it is not the cheapest service but it worth every cent I spent. Definitely they have one of the best support team. It is fast and intelligent. Read carefully technical stuff provided by this company and if it is ok give it a try – you will not be disappointed."


"This is the best hosting provider I have found. The support is always quick and helpful. They actually help you troubleshoot issues instead of just redirecting you to their FAQ. I have never noticed any downtime. Control panel is simple to use and not clogged up with advertisements. I have switched all my sites to Softsys and would recommend it to everyone."

Mark R.

"Softsys Hosting has shown a great support on the technical issues, we really appreciated their prompt response and ongoing support on the installation and setting up the SSL certificates, working closeley with our web development partners to solve the technical issues and testing the resuts"

Abdullah Al-Dakheel

"Softsys Hosting provides excellent reliability and rapid customer response in the event of a hiccup. I am delighted in the quality of their services which exceeds what I experienced with another hosting company that has received many reader’s choice awards. I will recommend Softsys Hosting to my small business clients. Thanks for making my life easier!"


"It is expected “in the real world” that things in technology can and sometimes will go wrong, it is at this time when you get to discover how good or bad the support you getting is. I am well impressed with not only the lighting fast response i get from Softsys but also there eagerness to help put problems straight that may even have been caused by the user and not their systems. Well done guys keep up this level of support because the Web Hosting industry definitely needs good companies like yours."


"Softsys has excellent products. Very reliable. Great speed. My support questions are handled almost immediately. I currently have 2 servers with them and will continue to setup all of my new servers here from now on."

J. Custer