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Windows Virtual Desktop For Business

Windows 10 Virtual Desktop helps you to move your desktop to the cloud and access it anywhere.
Have your workforce to operate remotely from centralised & secure cloud environment.
Work from Windows PC, Linux or Mac OS securely with Remote Desktop Services.

Windows Cloud Desktop Service For Home & Business Users

Secure & Fast Windows 10 Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop is a comprehensive desktop virtualization service running in the cloud. This virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) delivers simplified management, multi-session environment, optimisations for Office 365 ProPlus (Word / Excel / Outlook / Powerpoint / etc.) and support for Remote Desktop Services (RDS). Deploy and scale your Windows desktops in the cloud and get built-in security and compliance features.


You can now let all of your workforce – in-house or remote agents to securely connect to a simplified Windows cloud desktop for day to day operations. All your applications are in the cloud & you can access them faster for better efficiency.


Your secure Windows desktop in the cloud is scalable and hence you can add more resources as you grow and as your demand increases – this reduces your CAPEX by avoiding to procure expensive hardware & manage it.


With our highly protected network and an option to add encrypted security layer to restricting access to your virtual desktop environment, your business critical data is completely secure from intruders & hackers.

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    4GB RAM + 4 CORES + 80GB DISK ($40/m)8GB RAM + 4 CORES + 125GB DISK ($80/m)12GB RAM + 6 CORES + 175GB DISK ($120/m)16GB RAM + 6 CORES + 250GB DISK ($160/m)32GB RAM + 8 CORES + 400GB DISK ($320/m)64GB RAM + 16 CORES + 600GB DISK ($640/m)CUSTOM CONFIG


    How Will Windows Virtual Desktop Help Your Business?

    Centralised Platform For Everyone

    A centralised platform in the cloud for all of your users to access their workspaces. Your business critical data never leaves your centralised Windows Virtual Desktop platform and hence is not carried by your users when they leave their office environment.

    Eliminate CAPex Costs

    You will be able to eliminate large CAPex costs by using very low end client machines as actual compute will happen in the cloud.

    Redundant Setup Available

    With our optional replicated setup, we can have a real time replicated system (in same / different geo location) – this safeguards your business from infrastructure failure of single location.

    Office 365 & Apps

    With optional Office Std or Proplus subscription, you can have your daily use licensed office apps in your cloud environment – Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, etc.

    Security & Encryption

    We have security built into our Windows cloud desktop platform with highly isolated environments. You also have an option to have your connections secured with managed VPN for end to end security.


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    I would like to offer my sincere appreciation and thanks to her efforts on the company Softy hosting wonderful and good dealings with us and offer thanks to the technical support and sales and all employees of the company We expect more

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    Absolutely Amazing! You just don’t get technical assistance like this anywhere else on this planet! It’s been years now and they just won’t stop giving me oustanding and beyond competent, not to mention lightning fast, SERVICE and TECHNICAL SUPPORT! Great job, Nick, Rick, Harry and whoever else is over there at softsyshosting!

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    I’ve been involved with computers for a very long time, having wrote my first program in 1963 for a computer that is now in the Smithsonian. I built my first website back in 1996 or so. I’ve dealt with lots of hosting services and I have never dealt with any group of people as competent, friendly, and responsive as the folks at Softsys hosting. Give them a try, you won’t regret it.

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