Make Money With Hosting Affiliate Program

Sign Up Bonus – NEW

Sign up for our affiliate program or activate your affiliate account with us and receive $10 instantly in your account balance.

Payout Rate

Refer your friends, family members, colleagues or simply anyone to sign up with any of our hosting plans and earn up to $100 per sign up. Below are exact commission rates:

Windows VPS Hosting

Eco 1 VPS: $10

Eco 2 VPS: $20

Eco 3 VPS: $40

Eco 4 VPS: $80

SSDV 1 VPS: $12

SSDV 2 VPS: $22

SSDV 3 VPS: $50

SSDV 4 VPS: $80

Silver Managed VPS: $40

Gold Managed VPS: $55

Platinum Managed VPS: $100

Linux VPS Hosting

KVM512: $5

KVM1024: $7

KVM2048: $17

KVM4096: $34

KVM8192: $60

Dedicated Servers

E3 Series: $35

Single E5 Series: $50

Dual E5 Series: $80

45 Day Payout

We provide an amazing 45 day payout for every qualified sign-up. Commission for the verified sign up / sale will be added to your affiliate account after 45 days of an active service of your referred customer.

$100 Release Rate

You will be able to withdraw your earned hosting affiliate amount anytime after it reaches the $100 level through PayPal. These funds can also be applied as a credit to your existing account which can be used to purchase new products from us or renew existing products/services.

Affiliate Cookie

The web hosting affiliate’s cookie by default is set to last for 90 days on the user’s computer. So even if you refer a client to our website and they don’t purchase straight away, if they return within 90 days, you will still be credited with the sales commission!

Free Sign Up

It is not required for you to have a web hosting account with us to join our one of the best web hosting affiliate programs. You can sign up quickly and easily by using this link.


45 days payout – You will receive your affiliate commission after your referred client maintains an active account with us for 45 days.

$100 release rate – You will be able to withdraw funds from your affiliate balance after it has reached $100 through PayPal or these funds can be applied as a credit to your existing hosting account with us.

You cannot use our web hosting affiliate system to refer your own service sign ups (either through the same or different account). In case this is disclosed, your hosting affiliate account will be closed and all withdrawals will be canceled immediately.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our Sales Department.