Windows VPS Hosting With Hyper-V

Enterprise-Class Secure Infrastructure

Your Windows VPS will be hosted on 100% Enterprise-Class Infrastructure – with guaranteed robust service for your business. Our data centers are SSAE 16 SOC II Type II Certified.

RAID-10 Protected Storage With Backups

This prevents data loss from one or more disk failures along with ensuring enhanced disk I/O. Your Windows VPS server will have optional scheduled off-server backups for disaster recovery.

24/7 Support + Worldwide Locations

True 24/7 Support With All VPS Plans is available through Basic Managed Service Level. You can also choose from 4 Worldwide Locations of your choice – US (2), UK & Singapore.

Windows VPS Prices, Plans, Locations & Features

1GB RAM $10

Per Month
15% OFF (12m) & 20% OFF (24m)

25GB Disk Space


1 CPU Core

US, UK, Singapore DC

Windows 2008 R2 OS

2.5GB RAM $22

Per Month
15% OFF (12m) & 20% OFF (24m)

50GB Disk Space


2 CPU Cores

US, UK, Singapore DC

Windows 2016 / 2012 / 2008

5GB RAM $40

Per Month
15% OFF (12m) & 20% OFF (24m)

80GB Disk Space


3 CPU Cores

US, UK, Singapore DC

Windows 2016 / 2012 / 2008

8GB RAM $70

Per Month
15% OFF (12m) & 20% OFF (24m)

125GB Disk Space


4 CPU Cores

US, UK, Singapore DC

Windows 2016 / 2012 / 2008

Available Features

Included / Addon Features

Upgrade Your Server Configuration At Any Time

Choice Of SATA or Pure SSD Storage (RAID 10)

Daily R1Soft Backups Available

Managed Firewall Protection Available (IPS + IDS)

Advanced DDoS Protection Available

Virtual Machine Replication Available (Realtime)

Full Server Management Available

Plesk / WebsitePanel / SolidCP Control Panels Available

All Available Configurations

US, UK & Singapore Data Centers

1GB RAM + 1 vCore + 25GB Storage

2.5GB RAM + 2 vCores + 50GB Storage

5GB RAM + 3 vCores + 80GB Storage

8GB RAM + 4 vCores + 125GB Storage

12GB RAM + 5 vCores + 150GB Storage

16GB RAM + 6 vCores + 200GB Storage

24GB RAM + 8 vCores + 300GB Storage

32GB RAM + 10 vCores + 500GB Storage

All VPS Plans Include

➔ Admin Remote Desktop Access
➔ Web-based VPS Management Panel
➔ Bandwidth Monitoring Graphs
SmarterBundle Pro
➔ Disaster Recovery Backups
➔ Stellar Server & Network Uptime
➔ Self Managed Services (Details)

VPS Panel Features

➔ View CPU Utilization
➔ View Memory Utilization
➔ View Disk space Allocation
➔ Start / Turn Off / Shut Down
➔ Reboot (Forced Shut down then Start)
➔ Pause / Resume VPS
➔ Reset (cold “hardware” reset)

Host Server 

➔ Enterprise SuperMicro Servers
➔ Dual Intel / AMD Server Processors
➔ 2 * 1Gbps Uplinks
➔ RAID 10 Disk Array
➔ Multi-Homed Network
➔ 24×7 Ping/Service Monitoring

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Self-Managed Windows VPS Hosting

Windows VPS hosting is much more cost-effective alternative to standalone dedicated servers, delivering almost the same level of functionality and resources. Our Windows VPS operate on Microsoft Hyper-V, which is a hypervisor-based technology that ensures true Hardware Virtualization and High Level of Isolation from other hosting accounts located on the same physical server. You can grow and add more resources to your server without requiring to rebuild it from scratch – you can grow seamlessly with us! From now on you can be absolutely confident that your mission-critical projects, hosted on our Windows VPS accounts won’t be affected by other neighbouring websites. While coming with the basic managed service level you can take advantage of our web-based control panel (WebsitePanel) to perform most of VPS management tasks on your own, including Web-Based Remote Desktop Control. You can also choose from several data center locations in US (Denver/Chicago), UK (London) and Asia (Singapore) to better meet your project needs. Our unmanaged Windows VPS hosting plans start from as low as $10/month. Enjoy!

Let us help your business grow!

With Softsys Hosting, we can assure you that our sole intention is to help you grow and see your business reaching newer heights every day. We provide enterprise grade services which ensure excellent uptime, performance and reliability for your web application / website. With full control over your server on 24/7 basis through remote desktop, you have a key to success & progress right in your hands. Our 24/7 technical experts monitor our entire infrastructure to ensure that you continue to receive same high level of services at all times.

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