Enterprise-Class DDoS Protection

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Protect Your Websites & Servers From DDoS Attacks

The distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack attempts to make a website / server unavailable to end users. These attacks are on the rise and are posing complex challenges for many businesses. Our enhanced full-time DDoS protection system helps to mitigate these attacks and ensures that your websites & servers continue to remain accessible to end users, while we filter all malicious traffic through our enterprise-class DDoS mitigation service.

How Does Our Anti-DDoS Hosting Work?

DDoS attacks against websites / servers are very common these days and most service providers will null route your IP for a period of 2 – 48 hours in case a DDoS attack is detected. This will cause all services to remain inaccessible/down for you and your visitors for a while. We’re proud to provide a solution which will not cause any downtime as our sophisticated & redundant DDoS mitigation system will filter all malicious / bad traffic and continue to forward all clean traffic to your servers. This means that all your websites / services (web server, game servers, etc.) will continue operating normally without any downtime. This works irrespective of server OS (linux server / windows server) that you are using. Our cloud based protection system is capable of mitigating large attacks and all type of attacks to the tune of 50Gbps+. Our detection & mitigation system works 24/7 and can be used with any other protection service like web application firewall as well.

Best DDoS Protection Against a Wide Range Of Below Attacks

-TCP Fragment
-TCP, UDP & ICMP Floods
-Malformed HTTP Header Attacks
-Slow-HTTP Request Attacks

-SYN Floods (SSL Protocols)
-Malformed SSL Attacks
-SSL Renegotiation Attacks
-SSL Exhaustion
-SIP Request Floods
-Brute Force
-Connection Flood
-Spoofing / Non-Spoofed

-Mixed SYN + UDP or ICMP + UDP flood
-Ping of Death
-DNS Cache Poisoning Attacks
-DNS Amplification
-Reflected ICMP and UDP

-Blackenergy, Darkness, YoYoDDoS
-Slowloris/Pyloris and Pucodex
-Sockstress and ApacheKiller
-Voluntary Botnets
-HOIC, LOIC, etc
-Application Attacks
-Zero-day DDoS Attacks
-Apache and Windows vulnerabilities

DDoS Mitigation Addon Pricing

1Gbps Protection / 200,000 PPS / 10Mbps Clean Traffic (Per IP) – $25/m

2Gbps Protection / 500,000 PPS / 25Mbps Clean Traffic (Per IP) – $40/m

5Gbps Protection / 1M PPS / 50Mbps Clean Traffic (Per IP) – $65/m

10Gbps Protection / 2M PPS / 100Mbps Clean Traffic (Per IP) – $100/m

50Gbps Protection / 10M PPS / 1Gbps Clean Traffic (Per IP) – $400/m

DDoS Protection For VPS & Dedicated Servers

Protected Windows VPS

Our anti-DDoS add-on is available with all of our Windows VPS plans in USA (Denver / Chicago).

Standard SSD VPS Fully Managed VPS

Protected Linux VPS Hosting

Our anti-DDoS add-on is available with Linux VPS plans with 20+ OS (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, etc).

Standard SSD VPS Fully Managed VPS

Protected Dedicated Servers

Protect your websites / game servers hosted on a dedicated server with our enhanced anti-DDoS add-on.

Self-Managed SSD Servers Managed

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