Hosting Partner / Server Reseller Details

Resell Services

Becoming a Softsys Hosting partner / reseller is as simple as signing up for a service with us. We allow flexible reselling options for our partners to resell our VPS (Linux / Windows), Cloud VPS, Dedicated Servers based in USA & UK. You are free to resell all services listed on our website including domain registration, DNS hosting, etc to your end users.

Partner / Reseller Benefits

As our reselling partner, you have below special privileges:

White Labelled Solution – We will stay behind the scenes and you are free to name the server, setup rDNS of IP addresses, etc as per your requirement. Also, our VPS control panel is whitelabeled as well – hence, your end users will never come to know that you are reselling our services.

Set Your Own Price – You are free to resell our products at your own pricing and we do not govern it. You are free to make as much profit as you want.

Reseller Discounts – You will have special discount slab allocated to you (between 5% to 25%) on base service pricing. The discount slab for your account depends on the number of servers and volume of orders that you bring in.

Access To Specials Deals – Partners / resellers will have early or special access to our clearance server deals before we make them public. Also, reselling partners will be able to purchase any or all available servers (without 1 per customer restriction).

Billing Grace Period – Partners / resellers will have special 3 days grace period available after service due date for service renewal. The service(s) will not be suspended / terminated during this grace period.


First level of technical & billing support to end user is to be provided by partner / reseller. We will never communicate with your end user and hence any / all support related communication with Softsys Hosting is required to be made by partner / reseller only.


Partner / reseller is required to bill & collect payments from their end users. We will be billing the partner / reseller & they are in turn responsible for collecting payments from end users.

Terms & Conditions

Our general Terms of Service & Acceptable Use Policy will be applicable for service usage by partners / resellers as well.

Partner Support / Information

You can get in touch with our special partner support with your queries regarding resellers / partners or more information by emailing [email protected]