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Managed Cyber Security For Servers

Being “Proactive” In Stopping The Threats Is Much Easier, Cost Friendly & Has Least Business Impact Than Being Reactive. Our Specially Crafted Managed Cyber Security Comprises Of Sophisticated Best In Industry Tools That Are Glued Together To Ensure Top Of The Line All-Round Security For Your Servers, Cloud & Network.

Proactive Cyber Security Services

Proactive Managed Security For Network, Servers & Websites

With growing security vulnerabilities, it is extremely important to have a proactive approach towards securing your servers, cloud and network. With years of experience, we use sophisticated industry best tools that are glued together to ensure all round protection for your environment. We believe in protecting multiple layers – network, file system, web, etc. so that attacks are thoroughly filtered and your critical data stays protected from ever emerging exploits & vulnerabilities.

How Do Our Managed Cyber Security Services Work?

When your systems are publicly accessible or if you have a website or web application, it opens up the possibilities for hackers trying to get into your system through known exploits or by using brute-force attempts. Our sophisticated proactive cyber security system helps in all round protection at various layers. It can help protect your network, servers and websites in below ways:


(Managed Firewall, DDoS Protection, Managed VPN, etc.)

Without a network firewall, your server is like an “open door”. This typically makes your key business data or virtually any sensitive information on your server being available for hackers. Hackers can get in, take what they want, and even leave one of their own “back doors” in place for ongoing access to your server whenever they like. With external firewall in place, you can restrict access with fine tuned rules to allow traffic from known sources or to allowed destination ports only. This also helps in ensuring that your server and ecommerce websites are PCI-DSS compliant to process secure transactions and store sensitive customer’s data including their credit card numbers.


(Anti-Malware, Anti-Ransomware, Anti-Exploit, Server Hardening, etc.)

Our first line of defence is through millions of IP’s that are known to have made any hacking attempts to other servers / network globally. They are blocked outright! In addition, we have commercial anti-malware, advanced WAF with machine-learning ruleset, Next-Gen Intrusion detection and protection service. Proactive defence for PHP websites, software patch management, Advanced Firewall with cloud heuristics, Honeypot Vulnerability, port scanning bots, ransomware, exploits, etc. We glue together several commercial tools so as to ensure that your server is protected in all-round manner with manual security audits regularly by our experts as well.


(Web Application Firewall, IDS/IPS, Application Vulnerability Protection, etc)

After a possible security threat is detected by the IDS system, it is necessary to have a solution in place which blocks this access immediately to prevent your systems from being exploited. Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) immediately creates rules to block this malicious access and keeps your system safe & secure. Both of these systems (IDS & IPS) work closely with each other to ensure complete proactive security for your server & website. Our security appliance is in place and works before traffic enters your servers. Hence, this ensures that any / all traffic entering your system is scanned and free from any known vulnerabilities.

Managed Cyber Security System Allows Only Legible Traffic To Your Servers

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