ScalElastic PaaS Hosting

ScalElastic PaaS Hosting

Deploy Auto Scalable & Complex Cloud Hosting Environments Within Minutes
Pay Only For The Usage (& Not Limits)

Deploy Auto Scalable & Complex Cloud Hosting Environments Within Minutes
Pay Only For The Usage (& Not Limits)

ScalElastic Works For Everyone & Is Loved By Developers As It Increases Productivity Massively

Why ScalElastic™ PaaS Hosting Works For Everyone

Automatic Cloud Scalability

Your environment can scale automatically – both horizontally & vertically – as per the load. No more losing sleep over website going down during high traffic period. Your PaaS environment will automatically add nodes & increase resources as per your scale rules. Nodes & resources will also be removed automatically when load subsides.

85+ Standard Stacks For Your Environment

Wide range of standard stacks are available that you’d ever require – Apache, NGINX, GlassFish, Golang, Jetty, NodeJS, Payara, Tomcat, TomEE, WildFly & databases like CouchDB, MariaDB, MySQL, Percona, PostgreSQL, Redis. Engines include JDK, OpenJDK, PHP, Ruby, Python, NodeJS, GO & much more. Click Here to view complete list along with versions.

Pay Per Use

With most other hosting services, you will be paying for fixed resources which may not be used at all times. This changes with elastic cloud hosting as you will only pay for what you use. Automatic Scaling ensures that your environment has enough resources to handle the load & it is scaled down when not required – this reduces your cost.

100+ Preconfigured Marketplace Apps

Vast range of pre-configured applications in marketplace helps you in deploying complex applications with just a few clicks. This includes WordPress, Magento, OpenCMS, Joomla, etc. You can also deploy highly available mySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB clusters with a few clicks from the panel.

Deployment & GIT/SVN Integration

Deploy your application directly from GIT or SVN server. If you prefer to do it manually, just upload your zip in deployment manager or enable FTP for your environment. You will be up & running very fast with control of all major config file like php.ini, my.conf, httpd.conf, nginx.conf, etc along with SSH access.

Multi-Tenant Docker & Kubernetes Hosting

Managed Docker and Kubernetes hosting with full compatibility to cloud-native ecosystem. So developers can deploy their containerised applications to Docker Swarm or Kubernetes clusters benefiting from Jelastic automatic scaling, multi-cloud availability, collaboration functionality and pay-per-use pricing approach.

Complex IT Environments Made Easy

See How Easy It Is To Deploy & Manage Complex Auto-Scalable PaaS Hosting Environment

Scalable Cloud Hosting With Ready To Use Applications, Tools & Environment

Deploy Your PaaS Cloud With Any Of These Applications or Tools Within Seconds!

Dev & Admin Tools


Content Management

Sales & Marketing

File Manager



Pay Per Use Flexible Pricing

No Longer Pay For Resources That Are Not Used

Compute / Cloudlets

1 Cloudlet = 128MB RAM + 400Mhz CPU
CloudletsRAMCost per Cloudlet
1 - 8128MB - 1GB$0.0045/hr or $3.28/m
9 - 161GB - 2GB$0.0035/hr or $2.55/m
17 - ∞2GB - ∞$0.0025/hr or $1.82/m

Storage / Disk Space

First 1GB Disk Space Is Free
Disk SpaceCost per GB
1GB - 10GB$0.002/hr or $1.46/m
10GB - 20GB$0.0015/hr or $1.09/m
20GB - ∞$0.001/hr or $0.73/m

Bandwidth / Traffic

First 1GB/hr Is Free
BandwidthCost per GB
1GB - 1TB$0.035/GB
1TB - 10TB$0.030/GB
10TB - ∞$0.02/GB

Miscellaneous (Optional)

Other Components
ComponentCost per GB
Public IPv4$0.0050/hr or $3.65/m
CDN (Traffic)$0.1/GB Traffic
CDN (Requests)$0.0075 / 1000 Requests

LiteSpeed Web Server (Optional)

Supercharge Your Websites
PlanWorkersDomain LimitMax CloudletsCost per Hour
Site Owner1564$0.014/hr
Site Owner Plus15Unlimited$0.022/hr
Webhost Lite1Unlimited64$0.036/hr
Webhost Essential1UnlimitedUnlimited$0.050/hr
Webhost Professional2UnlimitedUnlimited$0.064/hr
Webhost Enterprise4UnlimitedUnlimited$0.090/hr
Webhost Elite8UnlimitedUnlimited$0.128/hr
Web ADC1$0.015 per 1GB traffic per hour. Consumption beyond $65/m is free

Pay Per Use Flexible Pricing

No Longer Pay For Resources That Are Not Used

Cloudlet Pricing

$ 0.0016 /hr

Per Cloudlet [128MB RAM + 400MHz CPU]
Pay only when you use
Add / Remove Cloudlets Automatically

Start 14-day trial

Disk Space (Per GB)

$ 0.0005 /hr

Per GB of SSD Storage
0.5GB of Storage Is FREE
Daily Backups Included

Start 14-day trial

Network (Per GB)

$ 0.033 /hr

Per GB of Transfer
1GB / Hr (730GB/mo) Is FREE
2 * 1Gbps Network

Start 14-day trial


Below are the most frequently asked questions on PaaS elastic cloud hosting that you may have. Send an email if you couldn't find an answer to your question here.

What does it cost?

We charge everything by hourly resource usage (against a pre-paid balance – no surprise bills!), for 4 simple resources:

RAM & CPU consumption (cloudlets)

Graduated pricing, from just $1.20 per month ($0.0016 per hour). Each cloudlet is 128MB RAM + 400MHz CPU Processing. You can add cloudlets to your environment as per your requirements

Disk usage

Your first 1GB (SSD) storage per environment is free. Any usage above that is charged at $0.412/GB per month ($0.000565/GB per hour).

The filesystem is persistent & RAID protected so everything you write there is safe, survives a reboot & disk failure as well.

Network traffic

Internal traffic between servers within your environment is always free.

The first 1GB Internet traffic every hour (approx. 730GB/month) is also free! Any usage above that is charged at $0.01 – $0.033 per GB (depending on volume).

Public IP address

By default, each request is proxied via the Jelastic shared resolver. For production hosting we recommend to use a public IP so traffic is routed to your environment without any potential bottleneck. Also required for custom SSL certificates.

Public IP is $0.005 per hour. Your public IP is static, so it remains the same even when restarting your environment.

What is a cloudlet?

A cloudlet is a composite billing unit comprised of 128MB RAM and 400 MHz CPU. Each Jelastic server has multiple cloudlets assigned to it, e.g. 8 cloudlets would give you 1GB RAM and 3.2GHz CPU power.

The number of cloudlets assigned to your servers at any one time varies based on the resource demands of your application.

How do I know my cloudlet usage?

You can view real-time cloudlet consumption in the dashboard alongside your environment, and each individual server within it.

The dashboard also shows real-time graphs of CPU, RAM, network, and disk space consumption for each server within your Jelastic environments.

You’ll be surprised how little resources you actually use to run your application.

How many cloudlets do I need?

That’s exactly the point – you can’t know this in advance. That’s why buying resource allocations is a bad idea, and why it’s much better to pay for your actual resource usage instead – by using our Jelastic PaaS (so you don’t need to predict the future!).

The best way to see how much resources your application actually needs is to try it on our platform. You can do it right now using our free 14 day trial.

How do I control my budget?

You can set a maximum scaling limit for each server in your environment. This limits the maximum amount of resources your application can use (but it may run slowly or crash if there’s not enough – just like any other server), and hence also limits your costs.

How can we deploy & manage our applications?


Jelastic has full integration with git and svn, including support for git submodules and automated deployment (you can define the deployment schedule).

Deploy applications via the dashboard:

You can upload applications manually via the deployment manager in your Jelastic Dashboard. These files can be in zip, war or ear format and can be deployed to any new and existing environments you have.


You can connect to Jelastic using FTP / FTP-SSL (FTPS), but this feature is only available on paid accounts with the public IP feature enabled.


You can access your nodes through SSH to deploy or make changes in your environment.

The Jelastic dashboard also provides you with full access to edit major service configuration files (e.g. server.xml, php.ini, my.cnf, httpd.conf) right from your browser.

I want to know more about Software Stacks & Control Panel

Which control panel do you offer?

Jelastic includes a highly innovative control panel which allows you to create an environment, and deploy your own multiple server infrastructure in just a few clicks. There’s no control panel with the same features already out there, so this is bespoke.

Which Java application servers and JDK versions do you support?

We support Java (Tomcat, Jetty) and JavaEE (TomEE, Glassfish, WildFly) with JDK 6, JDK 7, and JDK 8.

Which PHP application servers and versions do you support?

We support Apache (mod_php) and Nginx (PHP-FPM) with PHP versions 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, and PHP 7

What database servers do you support?

We support both SQL (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra, Redis) database servers. We also support graph databases such as Neo4j, and OrientDB.

Do you support load-balancing?

Yes, you can enable and deploy a fully configurable Nginx load-balancer easily via the dashboard in just two clicks!

Do you support caching?

Yes, we support both Memcached (application cache and session replication), and the Nginx load-balancer can be enabled as a reverse proxy server with caching capabilities.

What are other additional features available?

You have full control over the environment. Below are some of the important tasks that you can perform on your environment:

Can I run scheduled tasks?

Yes, we have full support for cron. You can easily edit your crontab using the Jelastic Dashboard, or via SSH.

Can I edit the server configuration files?

You have full access to edit configuration files for all of your application servers. Our support team will be glad to advise you if you need any assistance with tuning these files.

What if I want to use software not supported by Jelastic?

You can add an Elastic VPS to your Jelastic environment (paid accounts only). This provides a plain, CentOS Enterprise Linux server with full root SSH access for you to install and run any software you need. Elastic VPS resource usage is charged in exactly the same way (cloudlets) as the other Jelastic PaaS servers.

Please note that the Elastic VPS is a completely self-managed server and it is your responsibility to maintain and secure the server.

The concept behind the Jelastic PaaS is to free you from the headaches of server administration, so if there is a critical feature or function missing we would love to hear from you so we can consider adding this functionality to Jelastic in the future.

Can I use SSL certificates with Jelastic?

Yes, you can install your own SSL certificate on Jelastic. We recommend buying an SSL certificate from Layershift for Jelastic as we can install and manage this for you free of charge. Alternatively, you can buy an SSL certificate from your preferred vendor and install this yourself via our Jelastic dashboard.

You will need to enable a public IP address on your load-balancer or web/application server to use an SSL certificate.

Can I share access to my environment with my developer?

Yes! You can share selected environments with your colleagues or a third-party developer, and optionally give them permission to create new environments on your account.

Turnkey PaaS Hosting For Production Environments

ScalElastic™ PaaS cloud allows fast time to market, simplified deployment and reduced TCO. You will be able to run Java, PHP, Python, Node.js, Ruby, .NET and Docker-based applications using a rich variety of the most popular SQL and NoSQL databases, application servers, load balancers, cache servers and storage containers out-of-the-box. Developers can deploy and run different applications with no code changes and zero lock-in.

The deployment can be easily performed using GIT/SVN with automatic updates, archives (zip, war, ear) right from the dev panel or via integrated plugins like Maven, Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA.

It has a unique approach of cloud scalability allowing granular resources to be allocated based on the load level. This ensures application availability and, at the same time, high efficiency by paying only for really consumed hosting and storage resources.

Application and system containers support, as well as zero code change approach provide the ability to run both cloud-native microservices and legacy monolithic applications.

We provide developers portal with user-friendly UI that includes an intuitive application topology wizard, deployment manager, access to log and config files, collaboration tools and marketplace with prepackaged applications. SSH Gateway is available for access to the containers. Also, the Jelastic API and command-line interface (CLI) are open for processes automation.

Lastly, there is no need to reserve resources, as our scalable cloud hosting platform allocates them automatically based on the current load and using a small scaling step (128 MiB of RAM and 400 MHz of CPU). As a result, the user is charged only for really consumed storage and resources but not for the limits. There is also a free trial of ScalElastic PaaS cloud to get started with this cloud platform.


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Director of Media Technologies, ASiM

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