Cloud Backups For

Cloud Backups For

Backup Service Powered by Veeam Helps Businesses Achieve Comprehensive Data Protection.
Supports ALL Workloads – Virtual, Physical and Cloud With Lower RPOs and 50x Faster Backups & Restores.
Easy Portability and Recovery to AWS, Azure and Azure Stack

Backup Service Powered by Veeam Helps Businesses Achieve Comprehensive Data Protection.
Supports ALL Workloads – Virtual, Physical and Cloud With Lower RPOs and 50x Faster Backups & Restores.
Easy Portability and Recovery to AWS, Azure and Azure Stack

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Cloud Backup Services For Your Workloads With No CAPEX

Fully Managed Backup & Recovery Services

For Businesses Of All Sizes & Workloads Of All Types


Fast backup job execution ensures that your servers & data are backed up almost 50x faster than legacy backup solutions. Subsequent backup job just transfers incremental / changed blocks to improve efficiency.


Restore your data (individual files / folders) or perform a full server bare metal restore to any available restore points with just a few clicks. You can also restore your server directly to AWS, Azure or Azure Stack!


We’ve got you covered with GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA compliant solutions. Apart from robust physical access security to security, backup job encryption helps in keeping your data completely secure from intruders & hackers.

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500GB ($75/m)1TB ($100/m)2TB ($175/m)5TB ($350/m)10TB ($625/m)50TB ($2900/m)

Why Does Your Business Need A Robust Backup Solution?

As per a report, 90% of businesses losing service or data for more than 10 days go bankrupt within 1 year & over 40% of such companies never reopen.

Safe Guard From Hardware Failure – hardware & storage disks can fail at any time and you MUST have regular data backups available on separate set of hardware.

Natural Disasters – natural disasters can strike at any time, causing unimaginable damage – having a copy of your data at separate geographic location minimizes the impact massively.

Data Corruption – software incompatibilities, malware / ransomware attacks or sudden power loss can cause your important business data to be corrupted. Backups become extremely vital for recovery of data.

Human Error – intentional or non-intentional human operations can cause deletion of business critical data. Enterprise backup services can help you retrieve accidentally deleted data reliably & easily.


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How does server replication work?

We use Hyper-V replication to replicate your cloud server to another HyperVisor. This is a full copy of your server configuration & data on second physical machine (with separate storage). This is done automatically and only changed data from last replication are pushed to replica host machine.

For more information, visit our blog post explaining replication.

How many copies of my server & data is available?

You have 4 copies of your data – primary server, replica server and disaster recovery backups for both primary & replica servers.

When can we failover to replica server?

You can failover to replica server in either planned or unplanned events. If you primary HV is undergoing scheduled maintenance, replica VM can be started after a planned failover. In case primary HV has failed due to some catastrophic issue, replica VM can be started with an unplanned failover.

Can I access the server through RDP / SSH?

Yes, you will be having Administrative RDP or root SSH access to your server so that you can manage it remotely.

Can I install custom software / applications in the server?

Yes, you can install any custom software or applications in the server with full administrative / root access.

Can I upgrade the server resources?

Yes, you can upgrade your server resources at any time. All your data / settings will remain in-tact during the upgrade process. Please get in touch with our sales department for upgrading existing server.

Can I downgrade the server?

You can downgrade the resources of your server but disk size cannot be lowered. Hence, you will need to continue paying for the disk size in case of downgrade.

What if I’m not satisfied with the server? Is there any money back guarantee?

All virtual servers are backed by 5 days money back guarantee. In a rare incident whereby you are not satisfied by the server or our services, you are protected by our money back guarantee.

What is the uptime guarantee with VPS plans?

We provide 99.99 % uptime guarantee with all Windows and Linux VPS plans.

What type of RAID is used for storage in Host server?

We have hardware RAID 10 with battery backup / Cache Vault setup on host machine to safeguard data from disk failures and also to increase I/O for your servers. This is monitored 24/7 through automated systems. 

I am being asked for Host-name at signup page. What is it?

Host name is just used for naming/identification purpose and it can be anything (it is not necessary to put in a working domain name there).

How many websites or databases I can host in my VPS?

There are no restrictions on number of domains, websites or databases that you can create or host on VPS.

How long would it take to setup a VPS account?

Generally, it takes 1-2 hours to deliver a VPS after payment approval. However, it may take little more if there are few more orders in the queue or if it is a weekend or in case your order is flagged as high risk and requires manual review.

Is static IP included with all plans? Can I purchase more?

We include 1 IP Address with all plans and additional are available as per your requirement.

What network connection speed would I get in my VPS?

Each of our host servers is  having 2 * 1 Gbps full duplex connectivity and this is shared amongst VPS’ hosted on it. Average usage on a host server is close to 5-10% of connectivity speed on 24 hour basis and hence each VPS gets a very decent share of connectivity.

Can I manage firewall inside my VPS?

Absolutely, you have full control over your VPS and can configure firewall as per your requirement. Just ensure that you do not block yourself out while configuring the firewall. Even if you do, our support team can help you immediately 🙂

Do you provide any control panel to manage Windows/Linux VPS?

Yes, we offer SolidCP or Plesk for Windows Virtual Machines and cPanel or Plesk for Linux Virtual machines as an addon with all the plans.

Can I host custom applications like QuickBooks in Windows VPS?

Absolutely, you have full control over your server and can install / configure any custom application or software (like QuickBooks) as per your requirement. 

Is my data on VPS safe?

We take all measures to keep your data safe – we use RAID 10 for storage to safe guard it from disk failures. We also take disaster recovery backups (once every 7-10 days). However, we always recommend to have a second level of backup system in place (we provide R1Soft backup solution as an addon for daily / continuous backups).

What options are available for Disaster recovery purposes?

We provide multiple options:

  1. Virtual Machine Replication – With this option, your virtual server is replicated in real time to another virtual machine (on different host machine). In case of planned / unplanned outage of primary virtual machine, replica virtual machine can be started within minutes.
  2. Continuous Data backup – With this option, we can setup / configure more frequent backups of your server on network backup server. You can use these backups to restore a single file / folder or perform a bare metal restoration.

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Director of Media Technologies, ASiM

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