Windows Cloud VPS Hosting Plans




25GB SAN Storage

1 CPU Core (2 GHz)

300GB @1Gbps BW

1 Dedicated IP Address

Automatic Failover

Weekly Backups

20+ OS Templates

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40GB SAN Storage

2 CPU Cores (3 GHz)

500GB @1Gbps BW

1 Dedicated IP Address

Automatic Failover

Weekly Backups

20+ OS Templates

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75GB SAN Storage

2 CPU Core (4 GHz)

1200GB @1Gbps BW

1 Dedicated IP Address

Automatic Failover

Weekly Backups

20+ OS Templates

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100GB SAN Storage

3 CPU Core (6 GHz)

2500GB @1Gbps BW

1 Dedicated IP Address

Automatic Failover

Weekly Backups

20+ OS Templates

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Custom Cloud Servers – Build Your Own

Scalable Cloud


1-500 Virtual Machines

30GB – 2TB SAS Disk Space On Redundant SAN

1GB – 96GB Dedicated RAM

1 – 32 Processor CPU Cores

500GB – 10TB per mon Premium Bandwidth

100Mbps – 1TB Connectivity

1 – 255 IP Addresses

20+ OS Templates (CentOS, Windows 2008 / 2012, Ubuntu, Debian, etc)

Create / Delete Virtual Machines From Panel

Scale Your Cloud Server Any time

Hosted On Fully Redundant Cloud Platform

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Windows Cloud VPS Hosting

Many owners of rapidly growing and successful online businesses face one common issue with their websites requiring more and more power, resources and functionality with every passing day. But their hosting budgets may still be quite limited to afford dedicated server expenses. In such a case, cloud VPS hosting may come as a very handy solution, while serving as a bridge between basic shared server accounts with limited resources and much more expensive dedicated web servers. It is focused to provide a powerful, reliable and still affordable virtual platform for various growing and expanding web projects with ever increasing hosting requirements.

Do you consider that cloud VPS hosting may perfectly match both current and future specific needs of your resource and traffic intensive online ventures? Then it’s high time to opt for an established and reputable cloud hosting provider that you can really entrust your mission-critical business or corporate websites to. Rest assured, is the right company choice for you as our services can really match all your related requirements, without breaking your budget.

Was your website created using ASP or ASP.NET programming languages? Then we suggest you to take advantage of our cloud servers on Windows OS. You can choose from a very extensive selection of advanced, all-in-one Windows cloud VPS hosting plans coming with turnkey hosting technologies, options and knowledgeable, responsive technical support available 24/7. Due to the automatic failover feature and full redundancy, they can ensure top-notch performance of any web projects.

Starting from as low as $24.99/mo, our low cost cloud VPS plans provide abundant server resources, including disk space (up to 100 Gb), bandwidth volume (up to 2500 Gb/mo), guaranteed RAM and processing power. You will get a bunch of cutting-edge, highly advantageous hosting options, such as root RDP/SSH server access, extensive OS support (Windows Server 2003/2008 R2 and much more), automated weekly backups, ability to host unlimited websites/databases and install any third-party applications, etc.

By choosing any of our cloud servers on Windows OS, you will benefit from a very solid, highly reliable infrastructure consisting of Redundant HyperVisors for failover, premium-class multiple Dell Equallogic SAN units operated by rocket-fast SAS disks, fully redundant network and more.