VPS Hosting Server

Enterprise Class Secure Infrastructure

Your VPS will be hosted on 100% Enterprise Class Infrastructure – Secure with guaranteed robust service for your business. Our Data centers are SSAE 16 SOC II Type II Certified.

RAID-10 Protected Storage With Backups

This prevents data loss from one or more disk failures along with ensuring enhanced disk I/O. Your VPS also has scheduled off-server backups for disaster recovery.

24/7 Support + Worldwide Locations

True 24/7 Support With All Plans is available through Basic Managed Service Level. You can also choose from 4 Worldwide Locations of your choice – USA (2), UK & Singapore.

Prices, Plans, Locations & Features

Today’s Special – 8GB RAM Windows VPS Sale (Limited QTY)

4 CPU Cores + 8GB RAM + 160G Storage + 2TB @1Gbps Bandwidth + Windows 2008/2012

$90/m (Monthly) -or- $80/m (Annual) -or- $70/m (Bi-Annual)

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$12.49/m (Annual)
$11.25/m (Bi-Annual)

For Basic Users

25GB Disk Space


1 CPU Core

400GB @1Gbps Uplink

Dedicated IP Address

Basic Managed Services

US (Denver/Chicago), UK (London), Singapore DC

Windows 2008 / 2012 OS

SATA / SSD / SAS Storage

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$24.99/m (Annual)
$22.49/m (Bi-Annual)

For Professional Users

50GB Disk Space


2 CPU Cores

800GB @1Gbps Uplink

Dedicated IP Address

Basic Managed Services

US (Denver/Chicago), UK (London), Singapore DC

Windows 2008 / 2012 OS

SATA / SSD / SAS Storage

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$49.99/m (Annual)
$44.99/m (Bi-Annual)

For Business Users

80GB Disk Space


2 CPU Cores

1.2TB @1Gbps Uplink

Dedicated IP Address

Basic Managed Services

US (Denver/Chicago), UK (London), Singapore DC

Windows 2008 / 2012 OS

SATA / SSD / SAS Storage

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$99.99/m (Annual)
$89.99/m (Bi-Annual)

For Enterprises Users

160GB Disk Space


4 CPU Cores

2TB @1Gbps Uplink

Dedicated IP Address

Basic Managed Services

US (Denver/Chicago), UK (London), Singapore DC

Windows 2008 / 2012 OS

SATA / SSD / SAS Storage

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High Performance Virtual Server Plans

(Dedicated Resources With All Virtual Machines – A Perfect Fit For Large Enterprises)

VPS Plan
CPU Cores
Disk Space[GB]
Price [USD/m]
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8 Cores

8 Cores

12 Cores

16 Cores

Optional Addons

(Below is a list of optional addons available for your virtual machine that you can purchase from billing portal)



Enterprise DDoS Protection

Protect your server & websites from DDoS attacks with 24/7 protection available from 1Gbps to 10Gbps and up to 2Mpps. Defeat the attackers with our enterprise class redundant DDoS protection.

Virtual Machine Replication

Replicate your Virtual Machine to a separate HyperVisor with auto syncing – helps in redundancy along with failover to avoid downtime. Your business should continue to stay online at all times!

Full Server Management

Fully Managed Services for your server include free daily backups, 24/7 Premium “Live” support, 24/7 monitoring, regular OS patches & security updates, routine pro-active audits of server, etc.

Additional Resources

You can add more resources to your server (RAM / Disk Space / CPU / Bandwidth / etc.) at any time without losing your data / settings. Your server is completely scalable to cater your growing requirements. 

Control Panel

Need a control panel to manage your websites / databases / emails in the server? We can provide you with renowned panels like cPanel, Plesk Panel, WebsitePanel, etc as addon with installation support.

SSL Certificates

Keep your websites / email servers completely safe & secured with enterprise SSL certificates from Comodo, Geotrust, Verisign, Thwate, etc at hugely discounted rates. 

Microsoft Software Suite

Being Microsoft SPLA partner, we can provide you with all Microsoft products are affordable monthly rates – Operating system, MS SQL Server, Terminal / RDP Licenses, Sharepoint, Exchange Server, etc.

All Plans Include

➔ Basic Managed Services (Details)
➔ Host Unlimited Websites
➔ Admin Remote Desktop Access
➔ Web-based VPS Management Panel
➔ Bandwidth Monitoring Graphs
SmarterBundle Pro (Except ECO1)
➔ DR Backups – US/UK
➔ 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

VPS Panel Features

➔ View CPU Utilization
➔ View Memory Utilization
➔ View Disk space Allocation
➔ Start / Turn Off / Shut Down
➔ Reboot (Forced Shut down then Start)
➔ Pause / Resume VPS
➔ Reset (cold “hardware” reset)

Host Server Configuration

➔ Enterprise SuperMicro Servers
➔ Dual Intel / AMD Server Processors
➔ Premium 1Gbps Connectivity
➔ RAID 10 Disk Array
➔ Redundant Connectivity
➔ Windows 2012 (Datacenter Edition)
➔ 24×7 Ping/Service Monitoring

All-in-One VPS Hosting Services

Are you tired of unreliable shared hosting solutions and the high price of dedicated hosting? A VPS hosting server is the perfect solution if you have outgrown the limits of shared web hosting and are looking for an affordable alternative to the traditional dedicated server. Low cost VPS services actually combine the best of both worlds. You get all the security and functionality of a dedicated server but at a fraction its price.

At SoftsysHosting.com you can find a VPS plan that combines the cost-efficiency of shared hosting with the greater performance and control offered by dedicated hosting. With similar functions to a dedicated one, VPS hosting server is a viable alternative and is perfectly capable of handling your entire web presence. Our low cost VPS services allow you to run one or more websites without paying a fortune for initial setup and maintenance of your own physical machine.

With our VPS web host you’ll have the same performance as with a standalone server for your mission-critical online projects. VPS hosting server by SoftsysHosting.com will not only provide you with dedicated server level performance: you will also have root level access and guaranteed resources for important business projects. Our low cost VPS services give you the superior control, security, and flexibility that businesses and advanced users require.

We offer Windows VPS web hosting and Linux VPS packages with all support that you expect from a reputable hosting provider. Although a VPS hosting server requires a bit more attention than shared hosting, you can fully rely on our experienced support staff that is working behind the scene to ensure that your server is always up and running. With full root level access, our low cost VPS services offer high performance and the best value for money.

Let us help your business grow!

With SoftSys, we can assure you that our sole intention is to help you grow and see your business reach newer heights every day. We provide enterprise grade services which ensures excellent up-time, performance and reliability for your web application / website. With full control over your server on 24/7 basis through remote desktop, you have key to success & progress right in your hands. Our 24/7 technical experts monitor our entire infrastructure to ensure that you continue to receive same high level of services at all times.

Do it now. Do it fast.

Don’t wait till you competitors zoom ahead of you – Act now & move over your business applications to SoftSys.

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