Base Flexi Plan For Multiple VPS Accounts

Scalable Flexi Hyper-V Windows VPS


Create Unlimited VPS

50GB Disk Space (SSD Cached RAID 10) Included (Upgradable)

2GB RAM Included (Upgradable)

2 CPU Cores per VM Included (Upgradable)

1TB Premium BW Included (Upgradable)

1Gbps Uplink

2 IPv4 Addresses Included (Upgradable)

Windows Server 2008 / 2012

Available Locations: USA or UK

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How Our Flexible VPS Hosting Works?

  • You will be provided with bundled resources as per your order. From these resources you can create multiple VPS hosting packages with any of the operating system choices available.
  • Minimum RAM to be allocated to each virtual machine (VM) should be 1024MB (1GB). Minimum HDD Space should be 25GB. Minimum CPU should be 1 CPU per VM. This should not be violated in any case.
  • Services hosted on all VM’s should adhere to our Acceptable Use Policy.
  • VM’s can be used for personal / development / production / commercial purposes as per your requirement.
  • Additional resources can be added to your base VPS hosting package at any time from the member’s portal.

General Features

➔ Administrative Remote Desktop Access
➔ Web-based VPS Management
➔ Basic Managed Service Level (Details)
➔ 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
➔ SSAE16 SOC II Type II Compliant DC
➔ Windows 2012 / 2008 Std Edition OS

VPS Panel Features

➔ Create / Delete VPS
➔ View CPU / RAM Usage
➔ View Memory Utilization 
➔ View Disk space Allocation
➔ Start / Turn Off / Shut Down
➔ Reboot / Pause / Resume / Reset

Host Server Configuration

➔ Dual Processor Octa Core (16 Cores)
➔ 72 – 96 GB RAM
➔ Premium 1Gbps Connectivity
➔ RAID 10 Disk Array (SSD Cached)
➔ Redundant Connectivity
➔ 24×7 Ping/Service Monitoring

Unlimited Windows VPS Hosting

Our brand new unlimited Windows VPS hosting allows to create multiple VPS accounts within your hosting resource allotment with true hardware virtualization and absolute isolation. This flexible VPS plan is ideal for web developers and designers allowing them to create Unlimited Windows Virtual Machines within their purchased resources. You can partition / edit / remove your unlimited VPS sub accounts at any time from the web based control panel and manage all of them from a single login. Adding more resources (RAM / CPU / Disk Space / Bandwidth / etc.) can be accomplished on the fly as well – simply scale up your virtual server whenever required. You are free to create multiple Windows VPS servers for development and delete them once you are done with testing or ready for deployment. For a fixed mothly price you get a unique opportunity to make unlimited/multiple VPS accounts just when you need them most.

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