Flexible VPS Plans with Multiple Accounts

Scalable Flexi Hyper-V Windows VPS


Create Unlimited VPS

50GB Disk Space (SSD Cached RAID 10) Included (Upgradable)

2GB RAM Included (Upgradable)

2 CPU Cores per VM Included (Upgradable)

1TB Premium BW Included (Upgradable)

1Gbps Uplink

2 IPv4 Addresses Included (Upgradable)

Windows Server 2008 / 2012

Locations: USA or UK

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Unlimited VPS Servers on Hyper-V

Today’s web hosting market is rather diverse. If you require first-class virtualization and ultimate isolation without breaking your budget at the same time, VPS hosting can be the most viable choice. Just take advantage of unlimited Windows VPS plans by Softsys Hosting and you will be able to create a reliable and scalable virtual environment to host mission-critical projects of any size and with any resource requirements.

Flexible Windows VPS with advanced scalability is the perfect sample of unlimited Windows virtual private servers. You will get the opportunity to create unlimited number of VPS accounts within your package limits. Among other service advantages, it’s worth mentioning pure SSD disk space in RAID 10 arrays. You also receive a dedicated RAM that is 2 GB by default, but is easily upgradable. Our Flexi Windows VPS comes with 1 TB of premium bandwidth per month and ultra-fast Gigabit connectivity.

You are free to choose between Windows Server 2012 R2 or 2008 R2 Std Edition operating systems. Take advantage of our web-based control panel that helps to create a secure and effective hosting environment and add-on VPS accounts. From now on, you can control all related processes and scale up or down your Flexi VPS account whenever required. Use it for development and other online purposes without spending a fortune.

View CPU and RAM usage easily, track memory, manage how to distribute working processes between available resources within your disk space allocation. Such operations as Starting, Turning Off, Shutting Down, Rebooting, Resuming, Pausing and Resetting are available for you as well. Coming with the unmanaged service level, you’re totally responsible for your virtual private server performance. Though if you need any emergency assistance,contact us right away and get your issue resolved at a fixed hourly price.

Coming with 99.9% uptime guarantee and redundant connectivity, you’re able to expect the best possible performance from our Windows VPS hosting packages, even if compared to absolutely dedicated hosting. With administrative remote desktop access and ability to scale up your virtual machines at any time, our Flexible Windows VPS hosting is an ideal choice for most of online business requirements.