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25GB SAN Storage

1 CPU Core (2 GHz)

300GB @1Gbps BW

1 Dedicated IP Address

Automatic Failover

Weekly Backups

20+ OS Templates

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40GB SAN Storage

2 CPU Cores (3 GHz)

500GB @1Gbps BW

1 Dedicated IP Address

Automatic Failover

Weekly Backups

20+ OS Templates

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75GB SAN Storage

2 CPU Core (4 GHz)

1200GB @1Gbps BW

1 Dedicated IP Address

Automatic Failover

Weekly Backups

20+ OS Templates

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100GB SAN Storage

3 CPU Core (6 GHz)

2500GB @1Gbps BW

1 Dedicated IP Address

Automatic Failover

Weekly Backups

20+ OS Templates

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Custom Cloud Servers – Build Your Own

Scalable Cloud


1-500 Virtual Machines

30GB – 2TB SAS Disk Space On Redundant SAN

1GB – 96GB Dedicated RAM

1 – 32 Processor CPU Cores

500GB – 10TB per mon Premium Bandwidth

100Mbps – 1TB Connectivity

1 – 255 IP Addresses

20+ OS Templates (CentOS, Windows 2008 / 2012, Ubuntu, Debian, etc)

Create / Delete Virtual Machines From Panel

Scale Your Cloud Server Any time

Hosted On Fully Redundant Cloud Platform

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OnApp Cloud VPS Services

With the leading cloud hosting provider Softsys Hosting you can ensure overall growth and success of your online venture. We are here to offer you an extensive range of sophisticatedcloud VPS services powered by OnApp – a cutting-edge platform providing highly reliable storage, multiple virtualization options, built-in load balancing, very easy provisioning and many other additional options.

One of the main advantages of our cloud hosting environment is its full redundancy. While coming with turnkey automatic failover and self-healing features, it manages to keep your virtual server up and running 24/7. But let us explain you in short how it actually works. Unlike standard standalone server units, every cloud VPS is operated from numerous redundant HyperVisors for immediate failover. In such a way, if one HyperVisor server faces a failure, processes will automatically move to another active HyperVisor on the fly.

You will hardly find any other web hosting model to offer you greater scalability than our cloud VPS servers do. Frankly speaking, most of our clients highly appreciate this wonderful opportunity of being released from any usage spike hassles. Any of cloud VPS services by Softsys Hosting are instantly scalable, so that you can easily upgrade your virtual server for higher RAM, CPU, larger storage space and addition of other essential resources at any given moment, with no need to migrate your server.

By choosing OnApp servers, you can be absolutely confident in their top-notch performance and ultimate reliability. All cloud servers operate in the state-of-the-art, solid infrastructure that features enterprise-level Dell Equallogic SAN storage units powered by the latest Dual Intel E5 Series processors, ultrafast SSD drives and 128GB RAM. The cloud environment also ensures proper load balancing for every single server across multiple Hypervisors.

Moreover, you will be able to manage and control cloud virtual server with ultimate efficiency just from our all-in-one, user-friendly web-based management panel. As one of the top cloud VPS providers, we take special care about every single aspect of your virtual business environment, including its absolute safety and security. In addition, we will back up your mission-critical web data automatically on a standalone server every week at no additional cost!