Cloud VPS Server Hosting Plans




25GB SAN Storage

1 CPU Core (2 GHz)

300GB @1Gbps BW

1 Dedicated IP Address

Automatic Failover

Weekly Backups

20+ OS Templates

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40GB SAN Storage

2 CPU Cores (3 GHz)

500GB @1Gbps BW

1 Dedicated IP Address

Automatic Failover

Weekly Backups

20+ OS Templates

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75GB SAN Storage

2 CPU Core (4 GHz)

1200GB @1Gbps BW

1 Dedicated IP Address

Automatic Failover

Weekly Backups

20+ OS Templates

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100GB SAN Storage

3 CPU Core (6 GHz)

2500GB @1Gbps BW

1 Dedicated IP Address

Automatic Failover

Weekly Backups

20+ OS Templates

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Custom Cloud Servers – Build Your Own

Scalable Cloud


1-500 Virtual Machines

30GB – 2TB SAS Disk Space On Redundant SAN

1GB – 96GB Dedicated RAM

1 – 32 Processor CPU Cores

500GB – 10TB per mon Premium Bandwidth

100Mbps – 1TB Connectivity

1 – 255 IP Addresses

20+ OS Templates (CentOS, Windows 2008 / 2012, Ubuntu, Debian, etc)

Create / Delete Virtual Machines From Panel

Scale Your Cloud Server Any time

Hosted On Fully Redundant Cloud Platform

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Cloud VPS Server Hosting

Irrespective of how much you appreciate the cost efficiency and ease of usage of your current shared hosting account, sooner or later you will obviously come to understanding that it is not an all-purpose web hosting solution and can’t meet your growing website needs to the fullest. The biggest perhaps drawback lies in its very essence – the sharing principle. While a server is shared between multiple users, there are many issues that may occur, including website slowing down, abrupt changes in server resource allocation, negative impact from neighboring accounts, rather poor security, etc.

Did you notice that your website has already been suffering from any of the above mentioned problems? Of course, it would be great to rent a dedicated web server for your exclusive use. But what should you do if a dedicated server price is pretty much more than your tight hosting budget may allow? This is where virtual private servers, or VPS hosting come in handy. is here to provide you with premium-class VPS hosting services available on the breakthrough cloud computing infrastructure.

We’re a reputable and established cloud hosting company with a solid track record and substantial experience in this field to offer you an extensive selection of cloud VPS servers with the bunch of advanced features and options. All of our cloud VPS plans are highly flexible and instantly scalable allowing you to upgrade your account easily at any time as your hosting requirements grow, without the need to migrate from your current server to another one.

Unlike the traditional VPS hosting model implying a single server use, the cloud-based one is operated by multiple, fully-redundant servers that in case of any hassle or failure with your primary server will immediately run your project from another alternative server within the same cloud environment. Moreover, we also provide regular backup services at no additional cost, so that you can enjoy total peace of mind knowing that your mission-critical, sensitive data is absolutely safe.

With any of these cloud VPS server packages, you get access to an extremely powerful, web-based control panel to manage your entire virtual environment. However, if any issue or need arises, you can fully rely on our professional support staff who are available 24/7 to resolve all related inquiries on the fly.