OnApp Cloud VPS Plans




25GB SAN Storage

1 CPU Core (2 GHz)

300GB @1Gbps BW

1 Dedicated IP Address

Automatic Failover

Weekly Backups

20+ OS Templates

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40GB SAN Storage

2 CPU Cores (3 GHz)

500GB @1Gbps BW

1 Dedicated IP Address

Automatic Failover

Weekly Backups

20+ OS Templates

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75GB SAN Storage

2 CPU Core (4 GHz)

1200GB @1Gbps BW

1 Dedicated IP Address

Automatic Failover

Weekly Backups

20+ OS Templates

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100GB SAN Storage

3 CPU Core (6 GHz)

2500GB @1Gbps BW

1 Dedicated IP Address

Automatic Failover

Weekly Backups

20+ OS Templates

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Custom Cloud Servers – Build Your Own

Scalable Cloud


1-500 Virtual Machines

30GB – 2TB SAS Disk Space On Redundant SAN

1GB – 96GB Dedicated RAM

1 – 32 Processor CPU Cores

500GB – 10TB per mon Premium Bandwidth

100Mbps – 1TB Connectivity

1 – 255 IP Addresses

20+ OS Templates (CentOS, Windows 2008 / 2012, Ubuntu, Debian, etc)

Create / Delete Virtual Machines From Panel

Scale Your Cloud Server Any time

Hosted On Fully Redundant Cloud Platform

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OnApp Cloud Virtual Servers

Softsys Hosting is here to offer you a remarkable opportunity to launch your own online venture in the hot-trend cloud hosting infrastructure by taking advantage of our sophisticated VPS hosting services. We offer an extensive selection of all-in-one cloud virtual private servers powered by OnApp or Xen and coming with innovative hosting options and latest technological advancements to ensure your website ultimate performance.

Our cloud environment is built of enterprise-class, fully redundant Dell Equallogic SAN storage units, where each of them is powered by the latest Dual Intel E5 Series Processors, 128GB RAM and ultrafast solid state drives to ensure ultimate accessibility. They also offer multiple OS choices (Windows 2003/2008, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Gentoo and ClearOS), weekly backup services and a powerful web-based management panel to let you accomplish any related tasks easily and hassle-free.

Multiple HyperVisors make our entire cloud environment fully redundant and provide it with automatic failover and self-healing features. This allows to keep every single cloud virtual server unit up and running 24/7. If your server fails, it will migrate instantly to an alternative active HyperVisor node. In such a way, we can ensure the highest possible accessibility for your mission-critical web projects with downtime risks being completely eliminated.

All our cloud virtual private servers can be powered by OnApp – a revolutionary new cloud infrastructure solution that uses smart hardware virtualization and paravirtualization methods as well as provides multiple opportunities for effective management of cloud resources. These OnApp-based VPS web servers allow to enjoy dedicated hosting functionality and many other associated advantages, including absolute isolation, ultimate flexibility, control and first-class security.

Cloud VPS hosting services that we offer are designed to be flexible and scalable enough for each and every user. They allow to add extra resources (storage space, CPU, RAM, etc.) and further possible upgrade of your account is as easy as 1-2-3. You can also scale down back, if there is a necessity. In both cases, migrating your server is not required. Therefore, you will never have to worry about usage spikes, but instead enjoy total peace of mind knowing that your website gets everything it may require on the fly.